We help people start, grow and automate their digital agencies. Most agency owners struggle to get new clients because every part of the process is manual -> they prospect, ambercutie they cold email and do sales calls, they go to meetings to discuss clients needs, and they write long proposals which clients reject 80% of the time. We do it differently: rather than treating every client as someone who has very unique needs we come up with 1-3 different services that they can choose from. This eliminates the need to discuss every client’s needs. The other thing we do is make them a “Ridiculous Offer” -> an offer so good they’re an idiot if they don’t take it. We then create a “Salesman Website” that is designed to make the sale right then and there, rather than going through that long process I discussed above

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Audiobook version of the book

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Behind The Scenes

This is a 50 minute video training that shows how my whole agency works from start to finish. It shows where we run ads, what our site looks like, what happens when someone buys, and how my team is set up to fulfill the services without my help.

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Ultimate Agency Package

The Ultimate Agency Package is a mini course showing effective strategies for acquiring new clients, as well as all of the templates I use in my agency (website, emails, ads, etc)

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The mastermind is a private Slack group where all agency owners can discuss agency related topics. It’s paid so the people there are more serious than the ones in our free Facebook group.

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“My Team” Virtual Assistants

This is an opportunity to hire pre-hired pre-trained virtual assistants from the Philippines. We have partnered with a legitimate VA company who has an offer, 150+ staff, etc. We’ve trained them on our strategies and they can help clients with lead generation, social media, graphic design, and wordpress management.

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2 Hour Agency Accelerator (Work With Robert Directly)

The accelerator is a full blown online course showing them from a to z how to start, grow, and automate their agency. I cover everything. This also includes weekly group calls with me personally.

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